Who Can Enter to the Giveaway and Sweepstakes ?

Who Can Enter to the Giveaway and Sweepstakes

Hello Friends, 

May be a lot of people has this question in their mind but never cared to ask someone. Many people don’t even know about it what exactly sweepstakes and giveaways are. I have seen recently a lot of people has a negativity about this sweepstakes and giveaways. May be Because they have no idea about this, They may be think like ” Why should someone give an iPad or iPhone just for registering? Must be a scam.” Most people think like this way.And many of then already failed into wrong hands, i mean may be registered for a scam link or frustrated to never won any prizes after applying a lot.But that doesn’t change the fact that many people winning great prizes from reliable sponsors. But Before you storm down any site that write or post sweepstakes and giveaways, You might need to do a little research on the various search engines that available like Google,Yahoo etc whether people win prizes or not from these giveaways.

To know more about sweepstakes, Well click here to check this on wikipedia.

About Giveaways, well a little search like “what is Giveaway” says it all –

what is giveaway

People have a lot of questions about all these. So i am going to make some of the posts about sweepstakes and freebies just to make new comers more friendly about this terms.

Now about this post, “Who Can enter to the giveaway and sweepstakes?” , Well Lets get the answer for it.

When you are surfing my blog Usa Freebies Daily , You can see in each posts, On the descriptions of the sweepstakes, a Country section is available and it clearly mentions who can enter, from which country you can enter to the sweepstakes. Now the sweepstakes are most popular in USA, Canada so in most cases , you are going to find these two countries, And people from these countries can easily enter.

Well Most people know about this, specially those who keeps an interest about these programs. But I came here to made this post only because recently i got some new visitors outside from these two places and they asked me If they can enter or not? I just want to say yes, You can enter too. Any People can enter into a sweepstakes if the sponsor is made it available worldwide. Well if you are searching from outside USA, Canada , then you have to come to the Category section first, then on the sweepstakes Category, Find the “Worldwide Category” Section. The Sweepstakes you are going to find in this category, You can apply from any country. But You must  Check the terms page there too.

So is it Clear or am i going to say it again? If you are visiting outside from USA and Canada, You must check the Worldwide Section . More Posts are coming like this. Check the “Sweepstakes / Freebies Q&A” Section to know more about sweepstakes and freebies. Enjoy Sweepstaking !