What Makes a Giveaway Run successfully

What Makes a giveaway Run successfully

This post is for the sponsors or anyone who’s thinking to start their own giveaway. Even i myself going to start my own giveaway soon. I have searched and applied a lot of giveaways. And by doing that, i found out which giveaways are looks pretty cool to me, which one is the best to apply for . Many people tried to run a giveaway to promote their products or brands, but they never got the great response , it’s because they have done some mistakes which let the people stay away from there giveaways.  So Here am going to share with you some of the information i personally gathered after researching a lot about this. So here are some tips you must need to see to know How to create Giveaways properly .


•  One of the main point you must not do while offering a sweepstakes is a Huge Entry form. God, Don’t make people to run away from your giveaway with this idea. It’s really gets frustrating when it comes this. Well at first i have applied a lot , but after that, when i see a long entry form, i just ignore it right away and think may be i should try another one which going to take less time to enter and yes there’s hundreds thousands of giveaways shared daily, so skipping one doesn’t make any difference for me.

If you want to run a  successful Giveaway, don’t make it a Survey Sweepstakes. You put a long tail survey with full of questions and guess what? you have done great to make your visitors run away from your giveaway without applying. I have heard from a lot of people that they don’t like surveys. I guess this happened to them it’s because a lot of fake surveys are available all around internet and most of us who once thought to make some money online, they have tried to earn money from these surveys and at last they got nothing. So i think this is the case people don’t like surveys when they see it. You must need to create a simple entry form to attract the visitors to apply for it.


Don’t ask for Credit Cards or Bank Details. Even i have advised it  in my another post. No body is comfortable to share their personal details. And millions of people lost a lot of money. So that is past, now a days all the people are pretty aware about the fact how not to fell into wrong hands, specially when they are applying for a sweepstakes and giveaways. It’s good if you mention no purchase necessary to enter to the giveaway. Try to make the people as your fan first, then let them choose whether they want to become your customer or not. Just stay clean.


If you are a brand or website, You must need to have some testimonials for the visitors who’s going to apply for your sweepstakes. Well, it’s hard to trust a website or a facebook page which is just 6 months old and offering a giveaway just to earn some subscribers or customers, well i think am still going to wait to see how your website turn out to the world, whether you are providing good service or not. Try to gather some authentic proof by which people going to trust you and going to apply for your sweepstakes. A Little search on google says it all. So Before you provide offers, you need to offer yourself a good look first. Don’t try to fake it, People now a days are pretty smart, it’s not going to take much time to get caught.


Stop using those URL shorteners on your giveaway links, well i know a lot of people trust the shortened URL these days but i don’t trust it. A good sponsor never do that i guess, it looks kind of cheap to me.


Highlight the Steps of the entry at the front page so that people easily understand and apply right away. When you are thinking about creating a giveaway on the platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram , try to be more specific with the entry. Don’t make people confuse about the entries.  Try to describe the entry step by step just to make sure the people understand all, well i know you describe it on the rules page, but am not talking about it, try to place it on the giveaway page.


Well i am going to update these facts time to time as my research on this is going to continue. I hope you find these posts Helpful.