Things You Need to Know to Stay Away from Scam

Things You Need to Know to Stay Away from Scam

Hello There,

I am sorry for making this unusual posts but i think this might help many people Specially the new visitors if they are thinking to apply for sweepstakes.  First of all, Usa Freebies Daily is a place where the sweepstakes from around the world shared here. Most of the links are checked to see if they are genuine or not. But still I can not caught all the things by myself. Lot of People posts or sends link to post it and i do it. May Be sometimes accidentally i can post a Sweepstakes which can be a scam , But if you know anything about that link, or the sponsor of the link,  please send me message directly through the Contact or Feedback form. Then am going to take the proper action right away . You must need to know something to stay away from scam or not fell into wrong hands while applying sweepstakes. So that’s why Some of the tips personally i like to share with you all when you are applying for a sweepstakes –  

• Never Share any personal details Specially the bank account or credit card details, Unless you trust the sponsor. Even if you trust the sponsor, There’s always many ways that your account details can get aired , So Do it at your own risk.

• Create different social network profiles just for applying sweepstakes. And specially a different mail account. Just in case if you apply for a sweepstakes and it turns out as scam, Then there’s no need worry to  lost a lot of personal information or other useful details.

• Try to search in the google about the sponsor first when you are applying for the sweepstakes. Well some of the sponsors are well known but a lot of new companies creating a lot sweepstakes these days. So you might need to check their website and you have to decide whether it’s friendly to you to apply for the sweepstakes shared by that sponsor or not .

I am going to update this post time to time cause am daily researching for it so that my visitors can safely browse through my site. If you get scammed, there’s nothing usa freebies daily can do for you. So Apply the sweepstakes at your own risk. All i can wish is good luck.